School Creek Falls, Ross Creek, Dunedin, New Zealand
22 Sep 2017

School Creek Falls, Dunedin

I lived a fair chunk of my life in Dunedin never knowing that School Creek Falls existed. How cool is the fact there’s an awesome waterfall amidst lush forest less than 10 minutes drive from the centre of the city? School Creek Falls is located in the Ross Creek area

Jack's Bay, the Catlins, New Zealand
18 Sep 2017

Jack’s Bay / Blowhole, the Catlins

The first thing you’ll notice when arriving at Jack’s Bay is the row of tiny baches (holiday homes) looking out over the ocean. It’s an idyllic spot for locals, but there are plenty of reasons for tourists to visit too, including the chance to spot wildlife and hike around the

15 Sep 2017

Matai Falls / Horseshoe Falls, the Catlins

One of the main reasons to visit the Catlins is the chance to see some stunning waterfalls. The short walk to Matai Falls and Horseshoe Falls takes you through lush forest to a couple of awesome viewpoints. These waterfalls aren’t quite as iconic as nearby Mclean Falls and Purakaunui Falls,

11 Sep 2017

McLean Falls, The Catlins

If you only have time to visit one waterfall in the Catlins, make it McLean Falls. The various tiers and pools, surrounded by lush forest, combine to make this one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand. It’s easy to access and, if you time your visit right, you

07 Sep 2017

Hiking Around Moke Lake, Queenstown

Moke Lake, located down a bumpy gravel road, is the perfect size to comfortably walk around in a couple of hours. It’s surrounded by golden hills which reflect perfectly in the calm waters — it’s fairly off the beaten path and is easily one of the best short hikes near

The Bob's Cove viewpoint, Queenstown, New Zealand
04 Sep 2017

Hiking at Bob’s Cove, Queenstown

There are lots of hikes in the Queenstown area, most of which feature mountain views as their biggest hook. Bob’s cove is different. This lush green landscape features several stunning lake beaches, paths lined with native forest and a couple of atmospheric ruins. Oh, there are also some incredible mountain

30 Aug 2017

New Brighton Beach and Pier, Christchurch

Now that the inner city has been reduced to ruins, Christchurch’s more scenic attractions have become far more appealing. Getting out of the city and onto a beach is your best bet for a fun afternoon in Christchurch, and New Brighton Beach is one of the best (and most accessible)

Humboldt Falls, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
23 Aug 2017

Humboldt Falls, Fiordland National Park

Humboldt Falls, one of New Zealand’s tallest waterfalls, makes for an easy side-trip while driving to Milford Sound. It’s located down a 17 km gravel road (Hollyford Road) and there are a few other places to see along the way. Humboldt Falls crashes 275 metres to the valley below —

20 Aug 2017

Hiking in Christchurch: Taylor’s Mistake to Godley Head

With the inner city still in ruins six years after the 2011 earthquake, the glistening coastline of Banks Peninsula is a welcome escape. Hiking in Christchurch is best experienced (or so I’ve heard) on the Taylor’s Mistake to Godley Head Track, where you’ll see black sand beaches, towering cliffs and