06 Jul 2020

Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour, Christchurch

If you’re looking for a fun, easy and very scenic day out from Christchurch I highly recommend the drive out to Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour. These two places, and some spots in between, are ideal for pretty much anyone and it makes for a far easier alternative to driving

08 Jan 2020

Otepatotu Scenic Reserve, Banks Peninsula

If you want to see some great views of Banks Peninsula and the scenery around Akaroa, you won’t want to miss the Otepatotu Scenic Reserve. It’s right by the main road above Akaroa (Summit Road) and the walk up the hill through the forest opens out to some amazing views.

24 Nov 2019

Okains Bay / Le Bons Bay, Banks Peninsula

When driving through the hills around Akaroa you’ll have the chance to take some detours to different bays and beaches. We haven’t visited them all yet, but I can highly recommend a trip down to Okains Bay or Le Bons Bay. Or, you could do both if you have the

21 Oct 2019

Hiking the Onawe Pa Track, Banks Peninsula

The short walk to the end of Onawe Pa / Peninsula is a fun thing to do when exploring Banks Peninsula. It’s close to Akaroa (in the small town of Duvachelle) and the views are great — keep reading to find out more! The Onawe Pa Track The track starts

10 Sep 2019

Tumbledown Bay and Te Oka Bay, Banks Peninsula

The most famous spot on Banks Peninsula is surely Akaroa, but did you know there’s a great beach and stunning coastal views on the southern side of the Peninsula? Tumbledown Bay (and Te Oka Bay, which is right next door) is a bit of a detour from the main Christchurch