Driving to Fraser Dam, Central Otago, New Zealand
07 Dec 2019

The Scenic Drive to Fraser Dam, Central Otago

If you want to see some typical Central Otago scenery (think massive rocks, barren landscapes and wide-open spaces) the drive to Fraser Dam is a great option. You’ll head into the hills above Alexandra to Fraser Dam, a manmade lake created in the 1930s which provides water for irrigating the

Walking the Blue Lake Track, St Bathans, New Zealand
03 Nov 2019

Hiking Around Blue Lake, St Bathans

The tiny, historic town of St Bathans was a lot more bustling during goldrush times. Now it’s a peaceful place to visit on the Central Otago tourist trail (apart from all the ghosts, but more on that later). The man-made Blue Lake sits beside the main street in town and

Exploring Bendigo Historic Reserve, Central Otago, New Zealand
28 Oct 2019

Bendigo Historic Reserve, Central Otago: Exploring the Ruins of Welshtown and Logantown

Central Otago, during the goldrush times, was the most economically important region of New Zealand. Towns swelled with prospectors looking to get rich and faded as soon as it became apparent the good times were over. There are many ruins scattered around Central Otago which date back to this interesting

29 Aug 2018

Lindis Pass: A Scenic Stretch of Road Between Queenstown and Mount Cook

The journey between Queenstown and Mount Cook is a scenic one, and one of the most impressive stretches takes you through the Lindis Pass. It takes around an hour to drive and there are several places to stop along the way. It’s a great place to drive, especially in winter,

11 Jun 2018

Hiking the Conroys Dam Track, Central Otago

Despite only being an hour or so from tourism heavyweights Wanaka and Queenstown, Central Otago is a place where you can easily escape the crowds. We only saw one other person while walking the Conroys Dam Track (located in the Aldinga Conservation Area) — if you want to do a

Cromwell travel guide, New Zealand
14 Feb 2017

Cromwell Travel Guide

Why go to Cromwell? Cromwell, less than an hour from both Queenstown and Wanaka, is a quiet alternative to those busy tourist towns. Cromwell’s main claim to fame is its brilliantly restored old town featuring many buildings from the 1800s. Another reason to visit Cromwell is to explore the many bays

Clyde travel guide, Central Otago, New Zealand
26 Jan 2017

Clyde Travel Guide

Why Go to Clyde? Clyde boasts the perfect mix of great scenery and interesting architecture and is home to some top-notch eating and drinking establishments. It’s also the start (or the end) of the Otago Central Rail Trail, one of New Zealand’s most popular cycling routes. Keep reading our Clyde

Hiking from Alexandra to Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand
24 Jan 2017

Walking from Alexandra to Clyde: The Millennium Track

Why Walk From Alexandra to Clyde? Maybe you don’t have a car, or you ate too much Christmas dinner and need to burn some calories. Or maybe you heard that the river walk from Alexandra to Clyde is one of the top things to do in Central Otago. Whatever the

18 Jan 2017

Mitchell’s Cottage, Central Otago

Why go to Mitchell’s Cottage? The barren earth and extreme shifts in temperature made Central Otago a tough place to survive. They didn’t have heat pumps and under floor heating back in the late 1800s / early 1900s, a fact I learned on my recent visit to Mitchell’s Cottage. This

Hiking above Butchers Dam at Flat Top Hill, Alexandra, New Zealand
30 Dec 2016

Butchers Dam and Flat Top Hill, Central Otago

Why go to Butchers Dam / Flat Top Hill? The Flat Top Hill Natural Reserve is home to a series of easy, off the beaten path hiking trails close to Alexandra which take in some awesome views over the Roxburgh Gorge and Butchers Dam. If you’re travelling through Central Otago I highly