Tata Beach, golden Bay, New Zealand
30 Jul 2018

Tata Beach, Golden Bay

The beaches of Golden Bay are famed throughout New Zealand for their soft sands and clear calm water. We explored a few of the beaches in the area after visiting Abel Tasman National Park and were most impressed with Tata Beach. Tata Beach Golden Bay is the gateway to a

Te Waikoropupū Springs, Golden Bay, New Zealand
15 May 2017

Te Waikoropupū Springs (AKA Pupū Springs), Golden Bay

Why visit Te Waikoropupū Springs? The phrase “crystal clear water” gets thrown around a lot these days. One place where it’s definitely not an exaggeration is Te Waikoropupū Springs (often referred to as Pupū Springs), one of the top attractions in the Golden Bay region of New Zealand’s South Island.