24 Apr 2020

Hiking the Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook National Park

This post was originally published in March 2017 and was updated in April 2020  (to include photos from the time I did this day hike in better weather conditions).  The relatively easy Hooker Valley Track opens up to some great views of Mount Cook (also known as Aoraki in Maori),

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand
18 Nov 2019

Lake Pukaki: The Bluest Lake in New Zealand

You’ll drive around the shores of Lake Pukaki when driving between Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook (or between Twizel and Mount Cook) and if you’re lucky enough to strike it on a nice day you’ll be blown away by how blue it is. It’s a surreal place to see and

19 Apr 2019

Hiking the Governors Bush Track, Mount Cook National Park

This short, easy hike takes you up through exotic forest to viewpoints above Mount Cook Village. You’ll see heaps of mountains, a waterfall, and some great views and you can combine it with the nearby Red Tarns Track for a more challenging hike. Keep reading for more information about this

The scenic drive to Mount Cook, New Zealand
03 Apr 2019

Driving the Scenic Road to Mount Cook

In a country full of scenic roads, the road to Mount Cook stands out as one of the most spectacular. The Southern Alps, including Mount Cook, are on full view as you skirt the bright blue waters of Lake Pukaki. Thinking of driving the scenic road to Mount Cook? Keep

08 Feb 2019

Hiking the Tasman Glacier Track, Mount Cook National Park

New Zealand has glaciers, but they aren’t quite what you may be expecting. Instead of the crisp blue slabs of ice seen elsewhere in the world the glaciers in New Zealand tend to be small, far away and covered in a layer of grey sediment. The walks to see these

20 Nov 2018

Hiking the Red Tarns Track, Mount Cook National Park

You’ve probably heard of the Hooker Valley Track, by far the most popular hike in Mount Cook National Park. While that hike deserves all the praise it gets, there’s heaps more to explore in the land of New Zealand’s tallest mountains. The Red Tarns Track, a steep two-hour hike (return)

29 Aug 2018

Lindis Pass: A Scenic Stretch of Road Between Queenstown and Mount Cook

The journey between Queenstown and Mount Cook is a scenic one, and one of the most impressive stretches takes you through the Lindis Pass. It takes around an hour to drive and there are several places to stop along the way. It’s a great place to drive, especially in winter,

Freedom camping near Mount Cook, New Zealand
18 Apr 2017

Freedom Camping Near Mount Cook: Lake Poaka

If you’re planning on hiking in Mount Cook National Park and want to sleep for free nearby, consider Lake Poaka. You don’ t have to have a self-contained vehicle (unlike a lot of other freedom camping spots), which makes Lake Poaka a great place to freedom camp near Mount Cook

03 Apr 2017

Hiking the Kea Point Track, Mount Cook National Park

Why Hike the Kea Point Track? The hike along the Kea Point Track (roughly 1 hour return) ends at a viewpoint where you’ll see some of Mt Cook National Park’s most marvellous mountains, including Mount Cook and Mount Sefton. It’s a lot shorter than the more well-known Hooker Valley Track,