29 Aug 2018

Lindis Pass: A Scenic Stretch of Road Between Queenstown and Mount Cook

The journey between Queenstown and Mount Cook is a scenic one, and one of the most impressive stretches takes you through the Lindis Pass. It takes around an hour to drive and there are several places to stop along the way. It’s a great place to drive, especially in winter,

Freedom camping near Mount Cook, New Zealand
18 Apr 2017

Freedom Camping Near Mount Cook: Lake Poaka

Why Freedom Camp at Lake Poaka? It’s free! That, and the fact that you’re vehicle doesn’t have to be self contained, makes Lake Poaka a great place to freedom camp near Mount Cook. It’s also quite a scenic little lake, especially in autumn. Getting to Lake Poaka Lake Poaka is

03 Apr 2017

Hiking the Kea Point Track, Mount Cook National Park

Why Hike the Kea Point Track? The hike along the Kea Point Track (roughly 1 hour return) ends at a viewpoint where you’ll see some of Mt Cook National Park’s most marvellous mountains, including Mount Cook and Mount Sefton. It’s a lot shorter than the more well-known Hooker Valley Track,

Hiking the Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand
23 Mar 2017

Hiking the Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook National Park

Why hike the Hooker Valley Track? The relatively easy Hooker Valley Track opens up to some great views of Mount Cook (also known as Aoraki in Maori), New Zealand’s tallest mountain. There are also other mountains to catch your attention, as well as three bouncy suspension bridges and the possibility