17 Feb 2020

17 of the Best Things to Do in Nelson: Beaches, Hikes, Day Trips + More!

Nelson, the biggest (and only) city at the top of the South Island, is most famous for being the gateway to Abel Tasman National Park. It’s a great reason to visit, but stick around a while and you’ll find plenty of other fun things to do in Nelson, both in

Kayaking at Rabbit Island, Nelson, New Zealand
14 Feb 2020

Rabbit Island, Mapua and the Ruby Coast

The coastline west of Nelson is home to some interesting places, including one of the area’s most loved beaches, a cool seaside eating spot and some weird tame eels which you can feed. It’s not the most picturesque piece of coastline near Nelson (that title would go to Abel Tasman

11 Feb 2020

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson

Tahunanui Beach, the closest beach to downtown Nelson, is popular for a few of reasons. Obviously the first is its location – it’s in suburban Nelson and is very easy to get to – but it’s also loved for its calm waters and relaxing, laid-back atmosphere. Throw in a couple

A windmill at Founders Park, Nelson, New Zealand
08 Feb 2020

Founders Park, Nelson

If you’re looking for a fun, photogenic and informative place to visit in Nelson, look no further than Founders Park (also known as Founders Heritage Park). This open-air museum features heaps of cool old buildings with lots of information about what life was like in New Zealand back in the

Centre of New Zealand, Nelson
05 Jul 2019

The Centre of New Zealand Walk, Nelson

Judging by the name, the Centre of New Zealand Walk, on the outskirts of Nelson, must be an iconic place. You’re probably imagining being in the exact centre of the country, or, if you have a more colourful imagination, that you’d head underground (like in Journey to the Centre of

Hiking the Cable Bay Walkway, Nelson, New Zealand
27 Jun 2019

Hiking the Cable Bay Walkway, Nelson

One of the best coastal hikes near Nelson is conveniently located 15 minutes from the city. The Cable Bay Walkway takes you over a couple of big hills to some viewpoints looking back towards Nelson and over Cable Bay / Peppin Island. Keep reading to find all the information you’ll

Whispering Falls, Nelson, New Zealand
25 Jun 2019

Hiking to Whispering Falls, Nelson

If you’re looking for an escape from the city and love waterfalls as much as I do, you should consider at trip to Whispering Falls. It’s located in Mount Richmond Forest Park in the Aniseed Valley (40 minutes’ drive from Nelson) and takes around an hour (one way) to walk