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The Clock on the Hill, Alexandra

The Clock on the Hill, Alexandra

If you’re a fan of clocks, or just want an easy uphill walk to a nice viewpoint, consider visiting the Clock on the Hill in Alexandra. The walk starts close to town (more on that later) and the views over vineyards and the town are beautiful – easily on of the best walks in Alexandra!

The Clock on the Hill

We started our walk up to the clock on the other side of Shaky Bridge. Once you cross the bridge you’ll see the clock in the distance. Head to the left, walk up the road for a minute or two and you’ll see find the track.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to get to the top of the track. The terrain can be a little slippery, so wear grippy shoes if you have them. The view is impressive from the top – we did this walk in autumn which added an extra layer of attractiveness to the mix.

There’s also a cycling track towards the bottom of the clock track (which said something about a rock garden) and on the town side of Shaky Bridge there’s a walking track along the river. There heaps of walking and cycling tracks around Alexandra – this is one of the better ones but there are lots more that we haven’t done.

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The Details

The Clock on the Hill is close to the main shopping / eating street in Alexandra. You could park up in town and walk along the river track to Shaky Bridge and then up to the clock. Or you can park up on Graveyard Gully Road, and from there it’s just a short uphill walk.

The walk itself is easy. It looks steep from below, but it’s a very short walk. If you’re religious you might want to visit around Easter – they put a cross up there every year. There isn’t too much else to say about the Clock on the Hill – it’s a massive clock on a hill with awesome views – a fun little activity while travelling through Central Otago.

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