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Eastenders Track, Christchurch 

Eastenders Track, Christchurch 

The Eastenders Track is a popular short walk in Christchurch. It takes you up a short hill to a cave and an awesome view over the Christchurch coastline, as well as up to Summit Road and the Crater Rim Walkway. Thinking of doing this walk? Keep reading for all the details!

Where to Start

The Eastenders Track is located a short drive from Sumner Beach. It’s in the Port Hills area, which is home to most of the best walks and viewpoints in Christchurch. You can either start at Barnett Park, or drive to the end of Bay View Road and park there. From there it’s obvious where to go.

Eastenders Track 

I read online that parts of the Eastenders Track (a loop track) are either damaged or closed. The advice was to walk up to the cave on the left side of the track and then go back the way you came, as the right-hand side track is overgrown and difficult.  I followed that advice but saw plenty of people walking the right-hand side track as well. The track is easy and wide for the first part but gets a bit narrow and overgrown towards the end.

You’ll eventually come to a junction — head up the hill and you can go all the way up to Summit Road. Go straight and you’ll reach the cave (you should see it from the track). There is a sign saying the track to the cave is closed, but heaps of people seem to do it anyway. Of course, you do these things at your own risk — I’m not recommending this one way or the other!

There are stairs leading to the cave and they have suffered a fair bit of damage. I had to pull myself up a couple of times — I wouldn’t recommend this for kids or for inexperienced walkers. 

The Cave

The cave at the top of the valley is a scenic end to a fun walk. It’s a popular photo spot, and there’s a seat up there where you could relax and maybe have a picnic. After visiting the cave you’ll head back down to the car park — the left track (right on the way down) is easier but the other one looked OK too — I’ll let you know next time I go there. 

Why the Eastenders Track?

I figured whoever named the Eastenders Track was a big fan of the British TV show. I expected to see plaques about the Mitchell brothers (And Bianca? Pretty sure there was a Bianca) but it wasn’t to be. I was more of a Coronation Street fan growing up anyway so I wasn’t too disappointed. The track is named after the volunteer group that constructed it – I’m guessing they’re huge fans of the show.

Other Things to Do Nearby 

Ferrymead Heritage Park is a short drive from the Eastenders Track, as is the Christchurch Gondola, Sumner Beach and the Godley Head Track.  So much to see in this part of Christchurch!

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