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Riverside Market, Christchurch

Riverside Market, Christchurch

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Christchurch, Riverside Market should be at the top of your list. It’s the ideal place to go with friends (or maybe on a date) as there are heaps of options, the vibe is great (lots of different areas to sit) and it has been designed to be a pretty as possible, which is nice if you love taking photos of food, or of places that serve food.

Where is Riverside Market?

Riverside Market is on Oxford Terrace in downtown Christchurch, close to heaps of the shops and sights. It’s a convenient place to visit if you’re staying at a hotel in the city, and there’s plenty of parking if you’ve got your own wheels.

The Food

I’m certainly no food blogger, so this section will be limited, but I can easily say that there’ll be something for everyone at Riverside Market. There are heaps of little stalls selling everything from donuts, to crepes, to danishes (OK, they’re all pretty similar).

You’ll also find steak sandwiches, burgers, Mexican food, alcohol, coffee, lollies, and heaps more. We tried a streak sandwich at the Butcher’s Mistress, a crepe at the Creperie, a danish at Bohemian Bakery, a coffee at some cafe I can’t seem to find online and a smoothie at Gelato and Tea. The food was great, and there are plenty of other places we’re keen to try next time.

The Vibe

Hearing about all those food options, I’m sure you’re wondering if there are comfortable places to eat it all. There are. Riverside Market features a few different floors where you’ll find various kinds of seating areas. Go all the way to the top for the most comfortable seats (and the quietest I’m sure). There’s also a cool circular seat on the lowest level.

Riverside Market is quite new and is very quaintly put together. It’s kinda like one of those markets you might see in an old train station in Europe – if you’re into Instagram and food you’ll love this place. I haven’t had any drinks there yet but I reckon it’d be a cool place to start a night out.

Things to See Nearby

Riverside Market is right in the heart of downtown Christchurch, making it a convenient stop on a lazy afternoon of sightseeing. Nearby you’ll find the Avon River (perfect for a stroll on a nice day), the museum, gardens, art galleries and New Regent Street isn’t far off (it’s one of the best-looking streets in New Zealand – well worth a look).


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Little High Eatery

Little High Eatery is a similar, but much smaller eating spot in central Christchurch. Check it out if you’re after another meal (one a day usually isn’t enough).

Little High Eatery

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