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Stunning Views Over Picton From the Tirohanga Track

Stunning Views Over Picton From the Tirohanga Track

You could think of New Zealand as the land of viewpoints. In most parts of the country you’re never far away from a stunning view, whether it’s a rocky coastline or mountains stretching into the distance. The Marlborough Sounds region is full of beautiful viewpoints, and one of the best (and easiest to reach) is at the top of the Tirohanga Track in Picton.

Hiking the Tirohanga Track

There are a couple of start points for the Tirohanga Track (It’s also sometimes referred to as the Hilltop Track). We started at the Newgate Street entrance and were quickly hiking through the bush with our eyes peeled for openings in the trees. We soon caught our first glimpses of Picton from above. We were then well and truly put to shame by an elderly gentleman who was in a real hurry to reach the top. We fancy ourselves as pretty quick walkers but we were easily left in his wake.

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Hiking the Tirohanga Track, Picton, New Zealand

The Ultimate Picton Viewpoint

Picton has to be one of New Zealand’s most scenic towns, and the best place to see it in all its beauty is the top of the Tirohanga Track. There’s a small clearing with a wooden seat at the top — if you’re lucky you’ll have it all to yourself like we did. You can see almost the entire town of Picton, including the Marina, “The Snout” and Queen Charlotte Sound. You might even see one of the inter-island ferries coming or going.

Picton and Queen Charlotte Sound from the Tirohanga Track, New Zealand

From the top of the Tirohanga Track you can either return the way you came or continue down the other side to Essen’s Valley. We went back the way we came as our car was parked there and we didn’t want to add time to our walk (which is the logical way to do it). All up the walk took us around 75 minutes, with a 10-15 minute break at the top. It’d be a really cool place to eat breakfast or lunch, so packing a picnic could be a good idea.

The Tirohanga Track -- the best view of Picton and Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand

Getting to the Tirohanga Track

The easiest way to access the Tirohanga Track is by driving to the Newgate Street entrance. It’s few kilometres out of town — you could definitely walk there if you don’t have a car.

Other walks in Picton

There are a few other worthwhile tracks to walk in Picton, including the Snout Track and Karaka Point. Check out our posts for more information!

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