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Unity Park Lookout and the Town Belt, Dunedin

Unity Park Lookout and the Town Belt, Dunedin

There is so much to see in the city centre of Dunedin, including all the cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and galleries that you could ever want. But did you know there’s also a big forest running along the hills above the city? The Town Belt is a great place for a walk – I’ll show you some of the best sections to seek out, including the spots where you’ll get the best views.

Unity Park Lookout

My favourite part of the Town Belt is Unity Park Lookout. It’s close to where we live, and we end up going there quite often. You can see right out over the city, harbour, peninsula and a little bit of St Clair / St Kilda Beach. It’s a lovely place to park up, eat some takeaways and admire the view. There’s also a big field there, so you could run around a bit and burn off some of those burger calories.

You can walk to Unity Park Lookout from town. It should take around 30 minutes. Walk up Stafford Street or High Street and you’ll see some grand old villas – some of them look like castles!

Tracks Nearby

From Unity Park Lookout you can walk down Eglington Road a bit and you’ll come to another big field with a rugby clubhouse to one side. There’s another viewpoint close to there, and there’s also a track which takes you down the hill towards Maitland Street. This whole area around Unity Park Lookout features nice views, making it the perfect place for a stroll. There’s also an old cemetery further down the road — you can cut through there if you’re heading back into town.

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The Town Belt

From Unity Park Lookout you can walk along the town belt (as well as some of the streets near it) all the way back to the Octagon / George Street. If you know the general direction, you’re heading it’d be hard to get lost, but Google Maps is always a good thing! The route we usually take is up Eglington Road then onto Maori Road, along the forest trails near Jubilee Park and then back onto Maori Road. From there you can walk along the streets above the CBD where you’ll see beautiful harbour views, elegant villas and the castle-esque Otago Boys High School.

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Other Sections of the Town Belt

In my opinion, the route I laid out before will show you the best of what Dunedin’s Town Belt has to offer, but there are other sections. I walked all the way to Woodhaugh Gardens and beyond one day, which was also nice. It’s one of those tracks that most people only walk a section of, so either follow my advice or choose a section that’s closer to where you’re staying and go explore. I reckon it’s awesome that there are places like this so close to the centre of Dunedin – just another reason why it’s the best city in New Zealand!

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