Allans Beach, Dunedin

One of many wild, rugged and beautiful beaches on the Otago Peninsula, Allans Beach draws people in with its wildlife, stunning scenery, surf breaks and an off the beaten path atmosphere. You can also get a great view of Allans Beach from the Sandymount Track, one of the best coastal hikes in Dunedin.

Allans Beach

It’s a short walk from the car park to the beach, and if you visit at the right time (just before sunset) you may be greeted by the squawking of yellow eyed penguins. If not, you should still see some sea lions chilling out in the soft sand. Allans Beach is a typically scenic peninsula beach — the ocean is generally rough in these parts, which is a good thing if you’re a surfer I guess. You can surf at a lot of Dunedin’s beaches — don’t ask me which ones are best though as I’m not exactly a water person.

Allans Beach, Dunedin, New ZealandCliffs above Allans Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand

If you prefer your beach scenes a little more calm, walk around Hoopers Inlet for a while and you’ll find some nice shallow, still water. It looks almost tropical at times, a far cry from the windswept ocean front beach further around.

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Clear blue water at Allans Beach, Dunedin, New ZealandA sunny day at Allans Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand

Allans Beach from Above

If you’re a fan of coastal views you’ll love Dunedin. There are heaps of viewpoints to choose from, and the Sandymount Track is home to a few nice ones. You can see Allans Beach from the car park, or you can walk up Sandymount for a higher vantage point. You can also see it from various places along the track.

Another option is to hike to the top of Mount Charles, located just back from Allans Beach. Apparently you have to get permission from the landowner — I’ll be writing a post about it when I get around to doing it.

The view of Allans Beach from the Sandymount Track, Dunedin, New Zealand

Getting There

Allans Beach is located on the Otago Peninsula; around 30 minutes drive from central Dunedin. Drive along Portobello Road and turn right down Allans Beach Road (located in the tiny township of Portobello). Keep following for the beach or turn onto Hoopers Inlet Road for the Sandymount Track. You can also get there via Highcliff Road after visiting Sandymount / Sandfly Bay. This area is also a great place for star / aurora photography — we tried it once but realised we had neither the skill nor the equipment for such things.

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