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10 of the Best Queenstown Hikes (For Every Fitness Level)

10 of the Best Queenstown Hikes (For Every Fitness Level)

There are so many Queenstown hikes to choose from, so it’s lucky you stumbled on this post! I’ll help you choose the perfect hike in Queenstown, from the easy (and very scenic) walks in Glenorchy and Paradise to the demanding day hike up to the summit of Ben Lomond. The great thing about hiking in Queenstown (and near Queenstown) is the fact there are so many options, both in what you’ll see and the difficulty level of the tracks. I’ll start this list off easy and the walks will gradually get harder!

Queenstown Gardens

This is the perfect Queenstown hike to do if you don’t want to stray far from town. You’ll get some excellent views of Queenstown Bay and if you go right around the peninsula, you’ll see the Remarkables in all their glory.

Walking around Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand

Glenorchy Walkway

Glenorchy Walkway is mostly flat and is suitable for pretty much every level of fitness. The scenery is special though – I think it’s the best short walk in the Queenstown area! You’ll see Glenorchy Lagoon, and if you visit on a clear, still day you’ll get some incredible reflections. We did this walk in spring and there was still heaps of snow on the mountains.

Bob’s Cove

There’s a longer hike at Bob’s Cove, but the best part of the track is the viewpoint close to the start of the track. From there you can see over Lake Wakatipu and its surrounding mountains as well as the lush forest and clear blue water of Bob’s Cove. The beach there is also great if you’ve looking for somewhere to swim.

The Bob's Cove viewpoint, Queenstown, New Zealand


Another excellent short hike close to Queenstown, this track in Paradise (I’m still not sure if the track actually has a name or not) is one you won’t want to miss if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan. The scenery around Paradise stood in for Isengard in the films and the track (which starts at the old Paradise Homestead) is the perfect way to see it. We had the entire track to ourselves when we did it and the scenery is incredible for such an easy walk (it’ll take around an hour / 90 minutes and there isn’t much uphill walking involved).

A trip to Paradise, Queenstown, New Zealand

Tobins Track

Arrowtown, around 30 minutes from Queenstown, is one of the most picturesque old towns in New Zealand and is worth a quick look whether you’re hiking or not. If you want to get into the hills above town, Tobins Track is a good option. You get some stunning views over Arrowtown, with Lake Hayes and Lake Wakatipu emerging in the distance. It’s pretty much straight uphill but it shouldn’t take you much more than an hour.

Tobins Track, Arrowtown, New Zealand

Moke Lake

It takes a couple of hours to hike around Moke Lake and the track is mostly flat. It’s an easy enough hike and the views are great, especially in winter when there should still be some snow around. I’ve also heard there’s a viewpoint you can walk to which gives you a better view of the lake from above – let me know if you’ve done it!

Lake Alta

I haven’t done the short walk to Lake Alta yet, as it can only be done in summer. The track is located at the Remarkables Ski Area and the lake looks spectacular in the photos I’ve seen. I’ll be there in a month or two!

Lake Hayes

The track around Lake Hayes is spectacular on a fine day, especially in winter. The snow-covered hills surrounding the lake are reflected perfectly in the calm water – the photo below is one of my favourites from all my trips to Queenstown. You can also walk a shorter section if you don’t have time to do the full 2-3-hour loop.

Hiking Lake Hayes in Winter, Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown Hill

If you want to see some of the best scenery around Queenstown and don’t want to do a full day hike, the Queenstown Hill Track is the perfect option. It should take less than two hours and the views are similar to what you’ll see in the lower parts of the Ben Lomond Track. It’s a stunning short walk, but it does get somewhat overshadowed by the Ben Lomond Track, which is by far the most impressive of this list of Queenstown hikes.

Ben Lomond Track

By far the best hike in Queenstown (and in my opinion one of the best day hikes in New Zealand), the Ben Lomond Track is the perfect option for people wanting to see the best of what this area has offer. The scenery is amazing and there’s heaps of variety, from the lower levels of the track where you’ll see Lake Wakatipu slowly spread out to the summit where you’ll be surrounded by mountains. I did it in winter and it was pretty hard due to all the snow and ice, but that same snow and ice made for some awesome photos. It won’t quite have the same visual impact in the middle of summer, but it’d be a great hike at any time of year.

Other Queenstown Hikes

There are heaps of other hikes in and around Queenstown, from short trails in town (Tiki Trail, Frankton Arm Walkway) to lots of other walks in and around Glenorchy and Arrowtown. You could spend weeks in this area and not see everything. I’ll be heading back there soon and will do a couple more hikes, including the Mount Crichton Loop Track which might just make it onto this list – stay tuned for that!

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