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Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch 

Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch 

If you’ve ever wondered what towns in New Zealand looked like in the olden days you’re in luck — they’ve recreated one in Christchurch. A trip to Ferrymead Heritage Park will teach you a lot about the history of Christchurch — and it’s also a fun place to wander for kids and adults alike.

Interactive History 

I’m a big fan of this kind of place. It’s essentially a museum made to look like an old town, with the shops and buildings housing various displays and collections. You can walk into the general store, post office, lawyers’ office and heaps more. 

The buildings at Ferrymead Heritage Park are mostly recreations, and they’ve done a great job. It looks just like an old town — very similar to Founders Park in Nelson (but not quite as impressive). If you visit in the weekend you can see a show at the theatre or have a Devonshire tea. There are also other events and shows throughout the year. I went there on a weekday and it was very quiet — great for quiet wandering but it did feel a bit like a ghost town.

Trams and Trains

You’ll notice trams plying the inner-city streets of Christchurch, and there’s also one at Ferrymead Heritage Park! It costs $5 to ride and takes you on a tour of the town. There’s also an old train that seems to come out occasionally. 


As well as the recreated shops from the past, there are a few other museums towards the back of the village. These include the “Sound Museum” (old grammar phones etc.), a model train exhibit and a building full of old fire engines.

Ferrymead Heritage Park: The Details

  • It costs around $13 (adult) to visit Ferrymead Heritage Park, plus another $5 for the tram which runs every 30 mins. 
  • You could spend hours at Ferrymead Heritage Park as there’s heaps to learn about, although the kids might get bored after a couple of hours!
  • Getting there: Ferrymead Heritage Park is located in Ferrymead, around 10 km from the city centre.  It’s close to Sumner and Christchurch Gondola, so it makes sense to add it to your trip to that side of Christchurch. 
  • There’s a golf course and driving range nearby — I would have hit a bucket of balls if I had my clubs (pretty sure you can rent them there also).

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