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Milford Track Day 4: Dumpling Hut to Milford Sound / Te Anau

Milford Track Day 4: Dumpling Hut to Milford Sound / Te Anau

The last day of the Milford Track! The first three days were awesome, and we were extremely lucky with the weather. But, this is Fiordland, and having four decent days in a row is too much to ask! Day 4 of the Milford Track for us meant lots of rain, but also lots of waterfalls! Keep reading to find out what you’ll see on the walk between Dumpling Hut and Sandfly Point.

Milford Track Day 4: Leaving Dumpling Hut

We had heavy rain for the last couple of hours of the previous day, and that rain didn’t let up all night. It was raining heavily in the morning and it felt like it’d be one of those annoying, wet days of walking. After a short while we came to a river crossing, meaning we got soaked from the calves down – not an ideal start! We were pretty tired by this point but the heavy rain forced us to keep up a good walking pace – you can’t stop for a sit-down break every 5-minutes when it’s so wet! 


MacKay Falls is an awesome spot — definitely one of the most picturesque waterfalls on the Milford Track!

Another thing keeping our spirits up were the awesome views on offer. It rains a lot in Fiordland National Park, and most people think that’s a bad thing, but when it rains dozens of waterfalls pour down the mountains surrounding the pristine valleys. It’s quite a sight, and it made us thankful we got rain on the last day!

So, we were wet but we were happy, and the promise of a hot shower and our own bed would sustain that for the rest of the day. The last day of the Milford Track is mostly flat and is what I’d describe as an easy day of hiking. It took us around 5.5 hours and there were only a few easy hills to negotiate. There aren’t too many sights to speak of towards the end, other than the stunning valley you’re walking through, but Lake Ada is a cool spot.

And soon after that you’ll be at the end of the Milford Track! The end, known as Sandfly Point, certainly deserves its name. I stupidly took my boots off while waiting for the boat and ended up with a few dozen sandfly bites as a souvenir.

A Short Milford Sound Boat Ride

From Sandfly Point it’s a 5-minute boat ride to the main commercial area of Milford Sound. We waited around 30-minutes for the bus and then we were off to Te Anau, and eventually back home to Dunedin. It’s a long day, but a fairly easy walking day makes all that driving a bit easier.

And that’s the end of our Milford Track experience. I’ll be writing a big post about it soon, more of a how-to guide – so stay tuned for that! Also check out our posts for the Routeburn and Kepler Tracks!

Are you planning to do the Milford Track? Let us know in the comments below!

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