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Wanaka Lavender Farm

Wanaka Lavender Farm

Everyone loves a good photo spot, especially one that you don’t need to hike to and won’t cost (much) to see. It also helps if there is ice-cream in the vicinity. Wanaka Lavender Farm has all of those things, and much more. By the way I’m writing you’d think I was paid to post this (or at least got free entry) – but no, we stumped up the $10 each and enjoyed our time walking between rows of lavender and doing other lavender related stuff (which was mostly just taking photos).

Wanaka Lavender Farm

A trip to Wanaka Lavender Farm starts off at the little gift shop / ticket counter – you can obviously browse for free but if you want to get out into the lavender fields you’ll need to buy a ticket. From there you’ll head out into the farm where vast fields of purple (or lavender – it’s also a colour) stretch out before your eyes.

It’s a cool sight – anything this colourful is bound to attract a decent number of people wanting to see it for themselves. There are a few places where you can see lavender fields in New Zealand, but once you’ve seen one you’ve probably seen them all (unless the surrounding scenery is dramatic however).

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Taking photos of lavender in Wanaka, New Zealand

There is quite a bit to explore at Wanaka Lavender Farm. There are various sections and there are lots of places to sit scattered around. It’s kind of like a botanic garden in some ways. One of our favourite spots was the “Lavender Door” (an unofficial name I just made up – so creative). It’s a door in the middle of rows of lavender and makes for a striking photo spot.

A purple door at Wanaka Lavender Farm, New ZealandWanaka Lavender Farm, a cool spot in Wanaka, New Zealand

There are also some farm animals to see and an old purple tractor. Everything is designed to be kind of quaint and “Instagrammable”, and that description alone probably tells you everything you need to know about whether you’ll enjoy the place or not. I’m not an “Instagram” guy (although I do have to use it) but I still enjoyed it.

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A tractor surrounded by lavender in Wanaka, New Zealand

The Details

Wanaka Lavender Farm is located on Morris Road, 5 – 10 minutes outside of Wanaka. It’s easy to find and a trip there won’t take up too much of your day. They also sell ice-cream, so it could be a good place to stop off at on a hot day. Entry is $10 ($5 in low season) and it’s open 7 days from 9 am – 5 pm (10 am – 5 pm in winter). Obviously lavender doesn’t grow in winter so there won’t be much to see at that time of year — visit from November to March for the best lavender viewing conditions.

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