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The West Coast Treetop Walk, Hokitika

The West Coast Treetop Walk, Hokitika

You’re going to see thousands of trees while wandering around New Zealand, and occasionally you’ll be able to leave the ground and walk high among the treetops. A great place to do this is the West Coast Tree Top Walk in Hokitika. Keep reading to find out what this interesting New Zealand travel experience is like.

The West Coast Treetop Walk

When arriving at West Coast Treetop Walk you’ll see the big café and ticket area. It looks like a good place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, but we headed straight for the treetops. The experience starts with a walk along a gravel road to the forest, where you’ll soon be climbing up to the canopy.

Once above ground you’ll be walking along metal bridge / walkway things – I’m alright with heights but it could be a little scary for some (it seems very safe though). There are several viewpoints to walk to – we had a grey day but the views should be a lot better when it’s nicer.

There isn’t much more to say about the walk itself – you’ll see lots of trees, and lots of people trying to get cool photos of themselves with the trees. For me, it was nice to see a forest like this from a different angle.

The Details

  • How long does it take? It should take around 45-minutes to do the Treetop Walk. That should give you plenty of time to stroll around the whole area and get some nice photos. You may have to wait around a bit for people to get out of your shots, so be patient!
  • How much is it? A quick glance at the website just told me that it’s $28 for an adult at the moment. We paid slightly less than this through a booking site (can’t remember which one). We paid our own way and this post is in no way an ad.
  • Where is it? The West Coast Treetop Walk is located just south of Hokitika. It’ll take around 15-minutes to drive there from Hokitika. It’d be a great place to visit if you’re doing a West Coast road-trip, either on the way to or from Hokitika.

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