Aramoana Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand
29 May 2017

Aramoana Beach, Dunedin

Why visit Aramoana Beach? Aramoana Beach is an awesome place to go for so many reasons. You can collect seashells, surf, watch wildlife, climb sand dunes, look at crazy rock formations or just walk along the beach (often in complete solitude). There are a couple of different sections of beach,

23 May 2017

Climbing up Dunedin’s Organ Pipes

Why Climb up the Organ Pipes? If you’ve never heard of this place before you’re probably a bit confused by the title. I’ll sort that out straight away. Dunedin’s Organ Pipes are hexagonal basalt columns which rise out of the ground in abundance on a hill outside the city. The

Hiking to the top of Mount Cargill, Dunedin, New Zealand
17 May 2017

Hiking to the Top of Mount Cargill, Dunedin

Why Hike Mount Cargill? This mountain (more of a hill really) marks the highest point in Dunedin and offers up some amazing views of the city’s surrounds. Dunedin is New Zealand’s most scenic city and seeing it spread out below you is a great experience. Hiking to the top of Mount

Te Waikoropupū Springs, Golden Bay, New Zealand
15 May 2017

Te Waikoropupū Springs (AKA Pupū Springs), Golden Bay

Why visit Te Waikoropupū Springs? The phrase “crystal clear water” gets thrown around a lot these days. One place where it’s definitely not an exaggeration is Te Waikoropupū Springs (often referred to as Pupū Springs), one of the top attractions in the Golden Bay region of New Zealand’s South Island.

Wainui Falls, Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
09 May 2017

Hiking to Wainui Falls, Abel Tasman National Park

The road between Takaka and Totaranui is a treasure trove of beaches, sweeping views and short hikes. Wainui Falls is, in my opinion, the best place to stop along this scenic route. This short hike takes you through some pristine New Zealand bush and the powerful waterfall makes for a

The Baldwin Street sign, Dunedin, New Zealand
03 May 2017

Walking up Baldwin Street, Dunedin: The World’s Steepest Street

Baldwin Street, AKA the world’s steepest street, is a strange tourist attraction in suburban Dunedin. Walking up Baldwin Street isn’t too hard and it’s worth it to see an obscure world record. There are also good views of Dunedin’s green surrounds from the top. Update September 2019: Baldwin Street lost

Freedom camping in Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand
01 May 2017

Freedom Camping in Arthur’s Pass National Park

Why Freedom Camp in Arthur’s Pass National Park? Arthur’s Pass National Park is one of the most naturally beautiful regions of New Zealand and staying there for a night or two allows you to explore it at a relaxed pace. There are two freedom camping areas close to the tourist

The spectacular Devil's Punchbowl waterfall, Arthur's Pass, New Zealand
29 Apr 2017

Hiking to Devil’s Punchbowl Falls, a Stunning Waterfall in Arthur’s Pass National Park

Why Visit Devils Punchbowl Falls? The road through the centre of New Zealand’s South Island (between Christchurch and Greymouth) makes for one of the nicest drives in the country. There is so much natural beauty to admire, and at the top of that list is the incredible Devils Punchbowl Falls.

Hiking to Nicols Falls, Dunedin, New Zealand
21 Apr 2017

Nicols Falls, Dunedin

Why visit Nicols Falls? This surprisingly impressive waterfall is just a short drive and hike from downtown Dunedin. The track to Nicols Falls makes for an excellent (and often muddy) place to hike through wild New Zealand bush. You can also hang around until after dark to see glow worms

Freedom camping near Mount Cook, New Zealand
18 Apr 2017

Freedom Camping Near Mount Cook: Lake Poaka

Why Freedom Camp at Lake Poaka? It’s free! That, and the fact that you’re vehicle doesn’t have to be self contained, makes Lake Poaka a great place to freedom camp near Mount Cook. It’s also quite a scenic little lake, especially in autumn. Getting to Lake Poaka Lake Poaka is