Hurunui Mouth road, North Canterbury, New Zealand
01 Feb 2018

Camping at Hurunui Mouth, North Canterbury

North Canterbury, roughly the area between Christchurch and Kaikoura, certainly isn’t the most popular region of New Zealand. Most people drive straight through, but there are some cool things to see including Gore Bay (and the Cathedral Cliffs), Manuka Bay and Hurunui Mouth. There are several places to camp in

The Cathedral Cliffs overlooking Gore Bay, North Canterbury, New Zealand
29 Jan 2018

Gore Bay and the Cathedral Cliffs, North Canterbury

We’re always on the lookout for unique natural wonders (luckily we live in New Zealand so we never have to go far!), so when we saw a picture of the Cathedral Cliffs overlooking Gore Bay we knew we had to go there. It turned out to be a really easy

Manuka Bay from above, North Canterbury, New Zealand
26 Jan 2018

Manuka Bay, North Canterbury

Here’s a situation you’ll encounter a lot when travelling in New Zealand. You’re on your way to your destination when you see a sign pointing to a beach, a lake or some other cool sounding place you’d never heard of. You can’t follow every turnoff or you’d never get where