View of Rarangi Beach
20 Jan 2021

Rarangi Beach, Marlborough

We’d been to Marlborough a few times and never taken the road to the coast from Blenheim. The usual route is from Blenheim to either Picton (20 mins) or Nelson, but we decided to take the long way round to Picton and stop off at some of the bays and

14 Jan 2021

Kohaihai to Scotts Beach: A Short Walk on the Heaphy Track

The northern end of the road which runs up the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island is also the start of the Heaphy Track, one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. It takes a long time to reach this place (most people tend to skip it) but those that venture

04 Jun 2020

Searching for Seals at Shag Point, Coastal Otago

There are plenty of places in New Zealand where you can see seals or sea lions, and one of the best (and easiest) to visit is Shag Point. It’s a five-minute detour from the main road between Dunedin and Oamaru and you will only need to walk for a minute