01 Feb 2019

The Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki

If you like awesome coastal views and rocks stacked like pancakes, you’d better add Punakaiki to your New Zealand itinerary. This small town on the West Coast is home to the surreal Pancake Rocks, a group of weathered rocks sitting by (and sometimes in) the Tasman Sea. It’s a unique

Hokitika Gorge, West Coast, New Zealand
24 Jan 2019

Hokitika Gorge, West Coast

The milky blue waters of the Hokitika Gorge draw plenty of travellers traversing the West Coast region of New Zealand. It’s a nice place to explore and the walk is short and easy — keep reading for all you need to know about visiting Hokitika Gorge! Walking the Hokitika Gorge

23 Jul 2018

The Oparara Arches, Kahurangi National Park

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, down the bumpiest of gravel roads, lies the Oparara Basin, home to a series of arches and caves amidst a wild limestone environment in Kahurangi National Park. Is it worth the journey? Keep reading to find out (although you’ve probably already guessed it is

Sunset at Gillespies Beach, West Coast, New Zealand
08 Jan 2018

Sunsets and Camping at Gillespies Beach, West Coast

There aren’t many DOC campsites (AKA cheap places to camp) on the West Coast, so if you want to sleep close to Fox Glacier / Lake Matheson and you’re on a budget you’d better head to Gillespies Beach. It also helps that it’s a beautiful place, with views of the

The Fox Glacier viewpoint, West Coast, New Zealand
18 Dec 2017

Hiking to Fox Glacier, West Coast

Somewhat overshadowed by nearby Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier is definitely worth hiking to if you’re travelling along the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. You’ll hike through a scenic, glacier carved valley to a viewpoint close to the glacier. You can’t set foot on it (without joining a

13 Dec 2017

Stunning Reflections of Mount Cook at Lake Matheson, West Coast

Have you ever seen a photo on Instagram that inspired you to visit a place? Ever since I saw a photo of Mount Cook reflecting in the calm waters of Lake Matheson I’d wanted to see it for myself. There are two keys to a successful mountain reflection though —

04 Dec 2017

Relaxing at the Glacier Hot Pools, Franz Josef

The words “glacier” and “hot pools” don’t seem like they belong together, but this is the new age and magical things can happen when electricity is involved. Sitting there in your private hot pool, surrounded by rainforest, the mechanics of how your glacier fed pool came into existence will be

Hiking to Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
02 Dec 2017

Hiking the Franz Josef Glacier Track, West Coast

The 90 minute round trip walk to Franz Josef Glacier is one of the best short hikes in New Zealand. The track, which cuts through a glacier carved valley, has a few highlights, including three side by side waterfalls, the Franz Josef Glacier viewpoint and the elevated view from Sentinel

Bruce Bay, West Coast, New Zealand
28 Nov 2017

Bruce Bay, West Coast

The long stretch of beach known as Bruce Bay is the perfect place to stretch your legs and grab a coffee while driving up the South Island’s West Coast. The beach itself is great, but the group of wind-worn trees at the north end give it that extra something special.┬áIf