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Frog Rock / Grovers Hill Track, Roxburgh

Frog Rock / Grovers Hill Track, Roxburgh

If you’re looking for a (very) short walk in Roxburgh you can’t go wrong with a walk up to Frog Rock. There’s also the longer Grovers Hill Track which was in a bit of a mess when we visited.

Frog Rock

The Grovers Hill Track starts on Teviot Street in Roxburgh. You’ll first walk around a track close to the back of someone’s house — kind of a strange start to the walk but it is a proper track.

Close to the start of the track you’ll see Frog Rock (I’ve also seen it called Frog Peak). There are some old bike jumps there in the forest and no signs or obvious tracks. There is actually a track on the right but it starts a little way up the hill.

It’s very close to the start, so if you just want a quick visit to a stunning viewpoint, make your way up there. It’s not a proper track, so do it at your own risk! You’ll soon find the old track, which at one point must have reached all the way to the bottom. The view at Frog Rock is pretty awesome. You can see over the small town of Roxburgh and its surrounding hills. You’re likely to have it all to yourself too — very peaceful!

Grovers Hill Track

We didn’t walk straight up to Frog Rock — instead we took the main Grovers Hill Track. There are some pretty good views of the Clutha River and it’s a short, easy track. There’s also a nice rural road view before you head up Grovers Hill — that’s about as good as it gets though.

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It seems like there’s a development going on there — I’d guess it’s a big cluster of houses.  The track kinda runs out, replaced by what will one day be a road. The views from up there are decent too, but you’re not missing too much by not going this far. We pushed though, hoping a track would emerge to take us up to Frog Rock.  It never did, but we were pretty confident that it was just up the hill on the right so we scrambled up. Sure enough, there was a track, and the sign for Frog Rock.

It was good to save the best view for last, but if we’d known what the track was like (and we weren’t travel bloggers aiming to write a post about this place) we would have just headed straight up to Frog Rock and been done with it. At least you know now!

This place will probably change dramatically in the next few years, I just hope they keep access to Frog Rock at least as it’s an awesome viewpoint. The whole walk took just under an hour, for just Frog Rock you’re looking at about 10 minutes — a great spot to stretch your legs while driving through Central Otago!

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