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New Regent Street, Christchurch

New Regent Street, Christchurch

One of my favourite South Island streets is conveniently located right in the centre of Christchurch. What makes it such a cool street? Well, it’s extremely photogenic (how can you not be impressed with the colourful little shop houses), has a tram that occasionally rumbles through it and there are some good eating options. Don’t miss New Regent Street when you’re exploring Christchurch!

New Regent Street

Christchurch’s city centre is full of old buildings, but unfortunately many were damaged in the big earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Things seem to be improving (my latest visit to Christchurch was in August 2019) and I’m sure in a few years’ time it will be back to (somewhat) normal. Luckily New Regent Street is still in fine form though and it’s a place you’ll want to check out if you enjoy those historic street scenes you find in many places in Europe (and colonial towns from around the world). It’s a short street with a few dozen small, colourful shop house type structures lining it. They’re painted in various colours and make for quite a sight. I’d easily put it in my top five nicest streets in New Zealand list (if I ever make one).

New Regent Street shops, Christchurch, New Zealand

Watch out for the Tram!

Every now and again (well, it’s probably on a schedule) a tram will occasionally make its way down New Regent Street. They move slowly so you’re in no real danger, but it pays to keep an eye out for them. These trams roll through much of Christchurch’s centre city and make for a good way to get around.

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A tram rumbling through New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Eating at New Regent Street

The main reason for visiting New Regent Street (except for enjoying the architecture) is to get some food. We ate there a few times on our last trip to Christchurch and really enjoyed the cafes that we ate at (Cafe Stir and The Caffeine Laboratory) and also had some delicious ice-cream at Rollickin Gelato. There are also a few bars on New Regent Street, but it was quiet on a Monday and Tuesday night. I’m assuming it livens up a bit on a weekend although it’s probably always more of a “quiet drinks” kind of a place.

Cafe Stir, Christchurch, New ZealandRollickin Gelato, Christchurch, New Zealand

Getting There

New Regent Street is located a short walk from Cathedral Square and is pretty much right in the centre of town. It’s easily walkable from most of the hotels you’re likely to be staying at or there’s a car park right across the road. The Christchurch Public Library is nearby – it’s a good place to kill a bit of time and use some free Wi-Fi while sitting in comfort. The Avon River is also nearby and is great for a relaxing stroll.

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