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Queenstown Gardens

Queenstown Gardens

Most of the hikes around Queenstown are of the uphill variety, meaning they aren’t always the most relaxing. If you’re looking for an easy place to stretch your legs, I’d recommend a stroll around Queenstown Gardens, located in the heart of town. You’ll see some awesome views as well as plenty of gardeny stuff (I was mainly there for the views).

Queenstown Gardens

If you’re coming from the main part of town, make your way to the beach and then walk left towards the gardens. You’ll see a café housed in cute old pavilion, and there’s also a rope swing across a narrow stream. Don’t worry though – there’s also a bridge. Once in the gardens there are a few paths to choose from. We walked right around the peninsula and there are some great views along various parts of the track. I especially like the wooden pier you’ll come to first – there are usually boats moored there and it’s a nice place for a photo of the view back towards town. If you visit on a sunny day the water will be a beautiful blue colour.

Cafe near Queenstown Gardens, New ZealandA peaceful lake scene in Queenstown, New Zealand

The track continues right around, eventually winding its way back to the start via the ice-skating rink and lawn bowls club. You’ll see nice views of the Remarkables Mountain Range from the other side. These mountains are mostly hidden from the main part of Queenstown so it’s nice to venture over there to see them. If you don’t want to do the whole walk just cut across quickly and go back the way you came (it’ll be obvious when you’re there).

A view of the Remarkables from Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand

Flowers and a Pond

I don’t know a lot of about plants and flowers etc so please don’t expect any real information here. We visited Queenstown Gardens both in autumn and the very start of spring, and spring / summer is obviously the best time. There’s a rose garden (pretty sure they are only out in summer though) and plenty of other flowers scattered around. I think the views are the special thing about Queenstown Gardens — there are gardens in almost every town in New Zealand and most are pretty similar, so the views really set it apart. Another cool feature is the pond. There’s a little bridge which looks nice in photos and there are seats all around – it’d be a peaceful spot to have a little rest on a hot day!

Queenstown Gardens flowers, New ZealandA pond at Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand

Queenstown Bay

Queenstown Gardens is located at the far end of Queenstown Bay, one of the best lake beaches in New Zealand. On a warm sunny day, it’s an ideal place to grab some takeaways and relax.

Queenstown Bay Beach, New Zealand

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