22 Jun 2020

18 of the Best Walks in Dunedin (For All Fitness Levels)

By now you’ve probably heard that Dunedin is the most scenic city in New Zealand and that you should definitely spend a few days exploring it. While there are plenty of viewpoints and beaches that you can drive straight to, it’s worth hitting the trails to see some of the

19 Jun 2020

Unity Park Lookout and the Town Belt, Dunedin

There is so much to see in the city centre of Dunedin, including all the cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and galleries that you could ever want. But did you know there’s also a big forest running along the hills above the city? The Town Belt is a great place for

Kaiktiki Beach, Dunedin to Oamaru, New Zealand
16 Jun 2020

Driving from Dunedin to Oamaru: 10 Scenic Places to Stop

The drive from Dunedin to Oamaru offers up some stunning scenery and interesting history — you have to know where to stop though! You’ll have to ditch the main road from time to time, but you’ll see some beautiful beaches and viewpoints and the detours aren’t all that much longer

11 Jun 2020

George Street and the Octagon: Eating, Drinking and Shopping in Dunedin

George Street runs through the centre of Dunedin’s downtown area and is the place to go for shopping and eating. Walk along George Street for long enough and you’ll come to the Octagon. That’s how cool Dunedin is — most towns have a town square, but Dunedin prefers its city

04 Jun 2020

Searching for Seals at Shag Point, Coastal Otago

There are plenty of places in New Zealand where you can see seals or sea lions, and one of the best (and easiest) to visit is Shag Point. It’s a five-minute detour from the main road between Dunedin and Oamaru and you will only need to walk for a minute

01 Jun 2020

Hiking the Tavora Reserve Track, Coastal Otago

There are so many options for places to stop between Dunedin and Oamaru, and I’m going to tell you why the Tavora Reserve should be one of them! Roughly halfway between Dunedin and Oamaru, the Tavora Reserve Track takes you to a long stretch of beach and then up to

Slope Point, New Zealand
27 May 2020

Slope Point: The Southernmost Spot on the South Island

The far south of the South Island is a wild and wonderful place. Deserted beaches, wildlife, clifftop views and waterfalls await in the Catlins, a coastal region covering the lower east coast of the South Island. Slope Point is an iconic place to visit in the Catlins, mostly because it’s

Purakaunui Falls, the Catlins, New Zealand
24 May 2020

Purakaunui Falls, the Catlins

Purakaunui Falls is one of the more popular spots on the Catlins tourist trail. It’s known as one of New Zealand’s most beautiful waterfalls (which I’d agree with) and it’s only a short walk from the car park. A visit to Purakaunui Falls is recommend for pretty much everyone –

20 May 2020

Riccarton House / Bush, Christchurch

Venturing out into the suburbs of Christchurch isn’t always the best idea (mainly because there isn’t much to see and do), but Riccarton is a little different. Most people are drawn there by the massive mall, but just around the corner sits Riccarton House and Deans Cottage, bordered by one

15 May 2020

Lyttleton, Corsair Bay and Cass Bay, Christchurch

If you’re looking to escape the city for an easy seaside trip, the journey out to Lyttleton, Corsair Bay and Cass Bay is a great idea. You’ll find some nice coastal views, easy walking tracks and some nice bars and cafes (in Lyttleton at least). You can also keep going