Searching for lupins in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
22 Jan 2020

Searching for Lupins near Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, and the surrounding area, is home to some of the best scenery in New Zealand. It’s a great place to visit at any time of year, but if you happen to be there in summer (especially early summer) you’ll be greeted to a colourful treat – lupins! We

15 Jan 2020

9 of the Best Things to Do in Timaru

Timaru is a town most people pass through rather than spend the night. But even if you’re visiting on the way to somewhere else (most likely somewhere better) there are still some fun things to do in Timaru. Most of these centre on Caroline Bay, one of the better “city

08 Jan 2020

Otepatotu Scenic Reserve, Banks Peninsula

If you want to see some great views of Banks Peninsula and the scenery around Akaroa, you won’t want to miss the Otepatotu Scenic Reserve. It’s right by the main road above Akaroa (Summit Road) and the walk up the hill through the forest opens out to some amazing views.

01 Jan 2020

10 of the Best Queenstown Hikes (For Every Fitness Level)

There are so many Queenstown hikes to choose from, so it’s lucky you stumbled on this post! I’ll help you choose the perfect hike in Queenstown, from the easy (and very scenic) walks in Glenorchy and Paradise to the demanding day hike up to the summit of Ben Lomond. The

20 Dec 2019

Children’s Bay Walkway, Akaroa

If you’re looking for a nice short walk in Akaroa with great views and something a little odd at the end, consider hiking the Children’s Bay Walkway. It’s fairly easy (although, ironically, children may struggle with the uphill nature of the track) and you can easily walk there from town.

13 Dec 2019

Lake Heron, Hakatere Conservation Park

The road to Lake Heron branches off from the main Hakatere-Potts Road, meaning it’s a bit of a detour from the road to Mount Sunday (which is why I’m assuming you’re in this region in the first place). It’s a stunning drive though – there are a few other lakes

Driving to Fraser Dam, Central Otago, New Zealand
07 Dec 2019

The Scenic Drive to Fraser Dam, Central Otago

If you want to see some typical Central Otago scenery (think massive rocks, barren landscapes and wide-open spaces) the drive to Fraser Dam is a great option. You’ll head into the hills above Alexandra to Fraser Dam, a manmade lake created in the 1930s which provides water for irrigating the

01 Dec 2019

The Scenic Drive to Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau — another scenic New Zealand lake! There are dozens of lakes in New Zealand which I’d recommend visiting, especially in the Canterbury High Country region. You won’t have time to visit them all (even if you’re based in New Zealand like I am), so you’ll have to pick

27 Nov 2019

Stirling Point and Bluff Hill: Not Quite the Bottom of the South Island

Bluff, a small town south of Invercargill, has always been known as the bottom of the South Island. It’s actually not – that crown goes to Slope Point (an hour away in the Catlins region) but I guess it’s the southern most town and it’s worth visiting for the views

24 Nov 2019

Okains Bay / Le Bons Bay, Banks Peninsula

When driving through the hills around Akaroa you’ll have the chance to take some detours to different bays and beaches. We haven’t visited them all yet, but I can highly recommend a trip down to Okains Bay or Le Bons Bay. Or, you could do both if you have the