22 Aug 2018

Coffee with a View at Mount John Observatory, Tekapo

Mount John Observatory is the ultimate lazy person’s viewpoint. You can drive right up to the café at the top of the mountain and from there you can see 360-degree views of the stunning surrounds, including lakes, mountains and the little town of Lake Tekapo. It’s one of the best

14 Aug 2018

Hiking the Peninsula Walkway, Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, with its characteristic blue water and mountain surrounds, is one of the top scenic spots in the Mackenzie Basin. The views from the stony beach in front of town are nice, but to really see the beauty of this area you’ll need to head a little further afield.

Lake Opuha, New Zealand
07 Aug 2018

Lake Opuha: Stunning Mountain Views Near Fairlie

You’ll pass through Fairlie on the drive between Christchurch and Tekapo / Mount Cook — if you have time you should definitely take the short detour to Lake Opuha. This small man-made lake is surrounded by hills and mountains and offers up some beautiful views in its reflective surface. Driving

Tata Beach, golden Bay, New Zealand
30 Jul 2018

Tata Beach, Golden Bay

The beaches of Golden Bay are famed throughout New Zealand for their soft sands and clear calm water. We explored a few of the beaches in the area after visiting Abel Tasman National Park and were most impressed with Tata Beach. Tata Beach Golden Bay is the gateway to a

23 Jul 2018

The Oparara Arches, Kahurangi National Park

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, down the bumpiest of gravel roads, lies the Oparara Basin, home to a series of arches and caves amidst a wild limestone environment in Kahurangi National Park. Is it worth the journey? Keep reading to find out (although you’ve probably already guessed it is

Boulder Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand
16 Jul 2018

Boulder Beach, Dunedin

It took us 18 months of living in Dunedin for us to get to Boulder Beach — there are so many beaches close to the city and this is definitely one of the least popular ones. Lack of popularity doesn’t always equal lack of quality though, and Boulder Beach is

Bob's Bay, Picton, New Zealand
02 Jul 2018

Shelley Beach and Bob’s Bay, Picton

If you’re only in Picton for a short time — maybe you’re on a cruise ship or waiting for the ferry to Wellington — the short walk to Shelley Beach and Bob’s Bay is a good way to kill a couple of hours. From Bob’s Bay you can continue on

Allans Beach, a great beach on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand
26 Jun 2018

Allans Beach, Dunedin

One of many wild, rugged and beautiful beaches on the Otago Peninsula, Allans Beach draws people in with its wildlife, stunning scenery, surf breaks and an off the beaten path atmosphere. You can also get a great view of Allans Beach from the Sandymount Track, one of the best coastal

11 Jun 2018

Hiking the Conroys Dam Track, Central Otago

Despite only being an hour or so from tourism heavyweights Wanaka and Queenstown, Central Otago is a place where you can easily escape the crowds. We only saw one other person while walking the Conroys Dam Track (located in the Aldinga Conservation Area) — if you want to do a

The Karetai Road Track, Dunedin, New Zealand
30 May 2018

Hiking the Karetai Road Track, Dunedin

You can get some stunning views of Smails Beach from the series of car parks on Tomahawk Road, but if you’re keen for a hike and want to see this stretch of coastline from a different perspective the Karetai Road Track is a great option. Walking from Smails Beach (starting